Owner's "Cool in Summer" activity -- Xinte Silicon-based New Materials Co., Ltd



Thanks to the owner's care - Suntech Silicon-based New Materials Co., Ltd. for the "cool" condolence activity for manufacturing enterprises.

Recently, the temperature in Hunan has been rising, and the highest temperature in the daytime reaches about 40 degrees, entering the high-temperature "barbecue" mode. However, the scorching climate did not restrict the pace of production, and the on-site management and workers were still fighting in the production line. Xinte Silicone New Material Co., Ltd. carried out the "cool and refreshing in summer" condolence activity, and sent a large number of watermelons and beverages to our employees and front-line workers.



In order to ensure the health of front-line employees who insist on working in hot weather and devote themselves to their work, the activity of "delivering cool food in summer" is in hot progress. Cool drinks such as big watermelons with sweet and crispy meat, Plum juice with sweet and sour taste, and green tea with cool and fire reducing properties are delivered to employees at all posts as scheduled.


A cool, a caring.
Thanks to Xinte Silicon-based New Materials Co., Ltd. for sending bursts of "cool" to our employees in the hot summer, and encouraging our employees to work enthusiastically. We all said that we should stick to our posts, persevere in the fight against high temperature, progress, quality, and safety to ensure the orderly development of all work!