Owner's "cool in summer" activity -- Hubei Xingrui Silicon Materials Co., Ltd



Thank the owner of Xingrui for his care for the front-line production workers at the construction site!

The sun is burning and the heat is unbearable.
On August 24, 2022, the owner of Xingrui went to the construction site of Yichang to carry out the "cool in summer" condolence activity, and sent watermelon, drinks and other cool materials to the workers who were fighting in the front line.





General Manager Zhang also organized personnel from relevant departments to work at the site of Hubei Xingrui!   








This time, the staff at the production line held "cool" in the high temperature and felt warm. Everyone said that they would work hard and quickly on the premise of ensuring health and safety, put more enthusiasm into production and construction, complete the construction plan with quality and quantity, and strive to be advanced!